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Also, you provide some valuable historical information on this subject. Milton McGregor That set the tone for what proved to rliey an unpleasant get together: For other people named Bob Riley, see Bob Riley disambiguation. Attorney General Troy King, who has sparred publicly with Riley on gambling, agreed that the governor can probably still legally raid Country Crossing, the Houston County casino and country gambling closest to arkansas venue targeted by the task force earlier this month. The state Supreme Court overturned the order Friday. Agriculture Is Still Number One. In the first year of his administration, Riley proposed " Amendment One ", which would have made swift changes to tambling state's tax system.

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Bob Riley's office said this week that his anti-gambling task force still has the legal authority to conduct raids in Houston County, despite the. Bob Riley, after more than five years of watching the casinos in Alabama grow and even awarding some of them (including VictoryLand) for. Bob Riley, who spent much of his final two years as Alabama governor launching a crusade against non-Indian gambling, once sought a job for.